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Pachysandra in Peril

Many people have a love/hate relationship with their pachysandra. They love that it is a durable, reliable ground cover that performs well in sun or shade. It requires almost zero care or even attention and provides an island of dark green that contrasts nicely with other elements of the landscape. When planted, it spreads easily…
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“The Revenge of the Acorn”: Lyme Disease Explosion

It is shaping up to be a very bad year for ticks in Redding, Connecticut. The risk of Lyme Disease is higher than ever and the CDC is reporting that a higher percentage of ticks are carrying the Borrelia bacteria spirochetes which cause the disease.  This comes as a surprise to many who thought the…
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Let’s Talk Ticks, and Powassan Virus Risk

The snow has finally melted, so it’s time to talk ticks. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the snow, you know why. Over the past couple of weeks, news media stories about the “new” tick-borne Powassan virus — have multiplied exponentially, as has the public’s growing alarm. Concern, certainly, is justified because the virus…
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