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Pachysandra in Peril

Many people have a love/hate relationship with their pachysandra. They love that it is a durable, reliable ground cover that performs well in sun or shade. It requires almost zero care or even attention and provides an island of dark green that contrasts nicely with other elements of the landscape. When planted, it spreads easily…
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Arborvitae Destruction in a Bag

  A couple of summers ago, our family took a trip to the Antietam Civil War Battlefield.  I love history as much as I do plants.  You can imagine my joy as we walked out of the hotel parking lot and I saw an insect I had not seen since childhood.  I got my kids…
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Philadelphia Flower Show

  Nothing gets me ready for Spring like a visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Touted as “the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show,” this annual show not only inspires, it takes your breath away. And after this past winter, I was in desperate need of a little inspiration. Produced by the Pennsylvania Horticultural…
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