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Best Spring Cleaning Garden Tip: DORMANT OIL

We don’t usually think of our plants needing a good spring cleaning, but landscape trees and shrubs need more than the occasional April shower. Over the previous year, millions of insects have visited our landscaping, many making it their home and laying eggs for the next year. And while insects are an important part of…
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Delightful Deer and the Damage They Do

Growing up in Connecticut in the 1970s, the sight of a deer was such a rare event that you would stop your car and get out to take a closer look. Today there are so many deer you have to swerve your car to avoid hitting them. The same is true in many suburbs across…
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Let’s Talk Ticks, and Powassan Virus Risk

The snow has finally melted, so it’s time to talk ticks. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the snow, you know why. Over the past couple of weeks, news media stories about the “new” tick-borne Powassan virus — have multiplied exponentially, as has the public’s growing alarm. Concern, certainly, is justified because the virus…
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