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The Trial of the Killer Tomatoes

You say┬átomato and I say tomahto… But 200 years ago you might have said poison! When the Spanish introduced the tomato to Europe in the 1500s, the plant was greeted with skepticism and fear. The harmless tomato resembles (and is a distant relative of) the belladonna or deadly nightshade plant. For many years Europeans associated…
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“The Revenge of the Acorn”: Lyme Disease Explosion

It is shaping up to be a very bad year for ticks in Redding, Connecticut. The risk of Lyme Disease is higher than ever and the CDC is reporting that a higher percentage of ticks are carrying the Borrelia bacteria spirochetes which cause the disease. ┬áThis comes as a surprise to many who thought the…
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Delightful Deer and the Damage They Do

Growing up in Connecticut in the 1970s, the sight of a deer was such a rare event that you would stop your car and get out to take a closer look. Today there are so many deer you have to swerve your car to avoid hitting them. The same is true in many suburbs across…
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