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Nothing gets me ready for Spring like a visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Touted as “the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show,” this annual show not only inspires, it takes your breath away. And after this past winter, I was in desperate need of a little inspiration.

Produced by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, this annual show inspires world class growers to spend months forcing flowers to bloom in time for amazing displays. Tulips, azaleas, roses and geraniums all putting on a magnificent show for gardening enthusiasts. From its humble beginnings in an 82-by-69-foot building in 1829, the Flower Show has grown to encompass 33 indoor acres and receives over 265,000 people annually.

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Each year, the show picks a different theme. In previous years, the themes have ranged from art to foreign countries. This year, it was “Celebrate the Movies”. The red carpet was rolled out leading to landscape displays depicting Disney Princesses and Pixar movies. With creativity and color, artists design landscapes to evoke the feelings and settings of these famous films.

The vision of the plant designers transports you to an imaginary world of garden perfection. The vivid colors and elaborate designs are guaranteed to inspire planting ideas for your backyard. I already know my photos from this year’s show are sure to provide plenty of food for thought now that gardening season is in full swing. If you are a passionate gardener, the Philadelphia Flower Show should be on your bucket list. It will make your gardening imagination grow!

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Not only does the Philadelphia Flower Show amaze visitors with eye-catching and breathtaking displays of design prowess, it also provides the ambitious gardener with countless ideas for their own projects. It’s always a good thing to go out and see how others approach various combinations of color, texture, and height. Emulating an inspiring garden style can be a great first step to finding a new style of your own!


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